Learning from Leaves

Even though it’s exceptionally warm here in Missouri, last Friday was our first official day of fall. One of the best parts of living here in the Midwest is the changing of the landscape from summer to autumn. Greens give way to rich oranges, reds, and yellows as the leaves on the trees signal cooler weather and shorter daylight hours. This change allows the trees to adapt to different climates, to provide a period of rest from many seasons of changing carbon dioxide into oxygen, and to store up chlorophyll for the upcoming year.

As medical professionals, it's important to be able to adapt to changes in our careers and our lives. Changing regulations, corporate structures and caseloads can play a major role in destabilizing our work patterns and driving our stress levels into the stratosphere. Taking a cue from leaves, what are you doing to adapt, rest, and prepare for change? Are you thinking of taking a leadership position, attending a new course, or taking additional moments to practice self-care and rest?

 We give so much of our emotions, our intellect and our physical abilities to our patients. However, like the leaves, we need to allow for seasons of adaptation and rest. Even it means carving out just 10 minutes per day to refill and recharge, it’s incredibly important to be sure you have enough in your reserves so you can share yourself with others.

Much like Midwest seasons, change in our profession is unavoidable, and it's important to take measures beforehand rather than be forced to adapt. Like the spectacular watercolor landscapes that appear throughout in our heartland this time of year, change can also be a beautiful thing if approached with direction and confidence.

What are you doing to refill, recharge, and prepare for change?

Holly Godfrey
Holly Godfrey


Holly is the Founder and CEO of Catalyst Scrubs, an online fair trade medical apparel and accessory company that gives sustainable jobs to women in need around the world. Holly is a speech pathologist, social justice advocate and sought-after speaker. She lives with her husband Jim, their three children and a menagerie of pets in Lee's Summit, MO.

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