Make a Difference Monday--Resolutions for 2016

Over here at Catalyst, it’s been a year of building relationships, learning the ins and outs of sustainability and trying to best serve the needs of women around the world.  We are excited about 2016, and can’t wait to offer new and exciting products, including pants in TALLs for all of our vertically-gifted customers.  Here’s a few of our other resolutions for our personal lives 2016:

  • Buy less.  Fast fashion and clothes that we wear once or twice are irresponsible and can actually hurt the economies that receive our send-offs as “charity.”  Do we really need 7 coats and 10 pairs of jeans, or can we use the money we would spend on clothes to make a difference somewhere else?
  • Find something and/or someone that inspires you and get connected with it on a regular basis. My friend Michael is the executive chef at Episcopal Community Services in Kansas City.  A classically trained chef with an impressive resume of work, Michael left his five-star chef life behind to use his gifts to serve those that need it most, but no one would call where he works a "soup kitchen."  He has trained former jobless patrons to be sous chefs, serves delectable entrees like frittatas with sauteed vegetables, wilted greens, ricotta and parmesan--created from donated food, no less--and refers to anyone he serves as his “guests.”  I can’t wait to volunteer for Michael in 2016.
  • Be kind. Brene Brown (one of my favorite writers) says that when we can start to believe that everyone is truly doing their best, we can find compassion instead of resentment, and love instead of loathing.
  • Support businesses that share your values. Of course, I will recommend buying Catalyst products as a great way to do this, but there are hundreds of terrific businesses dedicated to making this world a better place.  Find them and support them.
  • Love yourself. Treat yourself as you would a good friend.  Be kind, patient, and understanding.  Give yourself the opportunity to screw up and make better choices.  Show yourself a little grace.


We wish you all the best for a terrific 2016!

Holly Godfrey
Holly Godfrey


Holly is the Founder and CEO of Catalyst Scrubs, an online fair trade medical apparel and accessory company that gives sustainable jobs to women in need around the world. Holly is a speech pathologist, social justice advocate and sought-after speaker. She lives with her husband Jim, their three children and a menagerie of pets in Lee's Summit, MO.

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