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“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  

— Mahatma Gandhi

In the past decade "Be the change" has become a saying so commonplace that it has become a catchphrase, to the likes of Nike’s “Just do it.”  No one would argue with the message, but putting it into action involves more than just placing a bumper sticker on a car or magnet on the refrigerator.

Today, nearly half of the world’s population lives on less than $1.25 per day.  22,000 children die each day as a result of poverty.  Poverty leads to limited choices, scarce resources and little opportunity to slow its vicious cycle.  Poverty provides a gateway for oppression, violence and abuse, perpetuating the problem and further stunting the ability of those affected to rise out of their circumstances.

Because you are reading this blog, you can consider yourself among the wealthiest in the world who have been educated and have access to electricity and the internet.  Have a stable job and a safe shelter to sleep at night?  Now you’re in the top tier of the most wealthy.  You are in the perfect position to help stop the cycle of poverty, to “be the change.”

In our land of plenty, it’s easy to approach this change as an opportunity to give our wealth to those that so desperately are without.  We have seen the telethons after major disasters, the celebrity-studded charity events to raise money for starving children in Africa, the popular “buy one, give one” models of trendy shoes and clothing.  And these are good things--charity is needed in a crisis.  After the earthquake in Haiti, immediate funds and supplies were vital in providing emergency assistance for those affected.  But what happens a decade later, when the infrastructure is still in shambles, the attention and funding has been diverted to the next disaster, and the people are still suffering and without basic essentials?  Charity is not a long-term solution, it is a short-term fix.  That kid in Africa that benefited from the pair of shoes you purchased is going to need another pair of shoes in three months, in six months…forever.  Charity is a great band-aid, but it doesn’t stop the bleeding.


But--there is a solution.  What if, instead of showering those in need with our own excess, determined by our charity and willingness to give…we empowered them to create their own?  What if we built industries instead of shelters, what if we gave parents jobs so they could buy their children shoes instead of relying on us to provide them?  What if we could transform communities and countries by the power of our consistent purchases instead of the amount of our one-time donation.

Spark Change.

Catalyst Scrubs was created as a vehicle for this revolution, to allow healthcare workers to transform the world through the power of their purchases.   We can give back and fight poverty and oppression with something that we wear every day.  We can display our commitment on our sleeves and share our fight with others who can join us.

We have partnered with women and communities in resource-poor areas to make beautiful, handmade scrubs and provide dignified income and opportunity to their families.  Your purchases allow these women to feed and clothe their children, to send them to school, and to pay for needed medical care.  Your commitment to change through consistent purchases from Catalyst will transform entire communities and reinforce to the women that make our products that they are creating value, that they have worth, that they are important.  You will change their future.

Can buying a pair of Catalyst Scrubs spark the movement to change the destruction of poverty?  We think so, and we’d love for you to come on this journey with us.  Our first round of poverty-fighting scrubs will be available in early autumn, and we plan for them to sell out and send a message that we are ready for change.  Join our movement and lead the change!  “Like” us on Facebook at , tell your friends and get ready to purchase the first poverty-fighting scrubs in the world.  Buy scrubs, spark change.

Holly Godfrey
Holly Godfrey


Holly is the Founder and CEO of Catalyst Scrubs, an online fair trade medical apparel and accessory company that gives sustainable jobs to women in need around the world. Holly is a speech pathologist, social justice advocate and sought-after speaker. She lives with her husband Jim, their three children and a menagerie of pets in Lee's Summit, MO.

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